Koshi Tappu Tour

2 Days


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, nestled in Nepal’s eastern Terai, offers a serene wildlife escape. Renowned for its avian diversity, it’s a haven for birdwatchers, with rare species like the Bengal florican. The tranquil Koshi River is ideal for boat safaris, revealing aquatic life and stunning landscapes. Jeep drives and guided walks allow encounters with wild buffalo, deer, and more. Local communities provide cultural insights through homestays and interactions. The reserve’s wetlands foster a unique ecosystem, making it a hotspot for conservation enthusiasts. Accommodations range from rustic to comfortable, ensuring a close-to-nature experience. Responsible tourism and adherence to park guidelines are crucial for preserving the delicate environment. Koshi Tappu promises an intimate connection with nature and the opportunity to support sustainable practices.


Day 1 :

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Koshi Tappu Tour